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Northeast Node joins New England Consortium and Health Systems Node on CTN-0092, “Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) Phenotyping Feasibility for Clinical Trials.”

The Northeast Node (PI Dr. Lisa Marsch) is very pleased to join the New England Consortium (Lead Node, PI Dr. Kathleen Carroll) and the Health Systems Node (PI Dr. Cynthia Campbell) on CTN-0092, “Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) Phenotyping Feasibility for Clinical Trials.”

In this multi-site study, individuals enrolled in treatment for OUD at clinical sites affiliated with the Health Systems Node and the New England Consortium will be asked to complete a battery of assessments tapping key domains implicated in the development and maintenance of OUD, such as cognitive/executive functioning, negative affect, and reward. The project is intended to provide new insights into the clinical trajectories of individuals with OUD and offer predictions of illness severity and treatment retention and outcomes.

In addition to the cross-sectional study, a prospective digital phenotyping study component will be conducted with a subsample of adults enrolled in treatment for OUD. Specifically, the study plans to obtain moment-by-moment quantification of an array of individual-level data, collected via passive mobile sensing and active responses to queries on mobile devices as well as social media activity). For this portion of the study, the specific aim is to understand if/how well data that are digitally-captured as individuals move through their daily lives predict treatment outcomes and/or healthcare utilization data.

This study is funded through the HEAL InitiativeSM and is currently under development.