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Node Involved in National Research Study

The CTN Northeast Node, alongside its partners, is participating in a nation-wide study of electronic health records (EHR) available throughout the CTN.

The study will look at data gathered in practice electronic health records and its usefulness in CTN data analyses of future studies.The Electronic Health Records Data Elements Research (EHR-DARE) study, a need assessment of EHR infrastructure, will use surveys to ask practice teams and clinical providers about information gathered in their EHR, and what they think might be useful data to see in future studies. This information will help provide background to CTN nodes and researchers who might be considering using EHR information as outcomes data.

In addition, the Node is also currently in the final stages of protocol development in the AutoSense trial, wherein investigators will develop and characterize the efficacy of using smartwatches to detect in-the-moment cocaine use. Future implications of this study could have a novel impact on cocaine use research, though this study is still in its infancy. First we have to develop the device and make sure it works!

We’re constantly on the lookout for studies that could benefit our partners, as both researchers and clinical providers. Recruitment for the EHR-DARE study is closed, but if your institution/practice is interested in participating in future research please drop us a line. Knowing that a partner is interested in participating in future studies can help us keep them in mind when we hear of a new study.