Temiloluwa Prioleau, PhD

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dartmouth College

Dr. Temiloluwa Prioleau’s expertise is in data analytics, ubiquitous sensing, and behavioral biomarkers, for predicting, monitoring, and improving health outcomes. She has obtained her bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering. This training provided her with strong computational and quantitative background for application-focused research. Some of Dr. Prioleau’s previous research has included developing wearable sensing technology and associated algorithms for understanding and quantifying dietary activity – a fundamental behavior related to many pressing health conditions. In recent years, she has extended this work to focus on digital solutions for interventions and improved management of diabetes. This includes developing computational methods for data mining, machine learning, and prediction of adverse health events in diabetes care. Dr. Prioleau has successfully carried out projects related to the proposed work and collaborated with clinical and behavioral researchers in her projects.