Russell Poldrack, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychology, Stanford University

Dr. Russell Poldrack has extensive experience in the use of neuroimaging to understand the brain mechanisms underlying learning, decision making, and executive control, in both healthy and diseased populations.  Recently his work has focused heavily on the study of behavioral change and its relation to self-regulation.  Dr. Poldrack’s laboratory has also been at the forefront of the development of informatics tools to help improve reproducibility and transparency in cognitive neuroscience.  This includes OpenNeuro (a project dedicated to sharing and analysis of raw fMRI data), NeuroVault (for sharing of statistical results), the Cognitive Atlas project (an ontology of psychological processes), and the Brain Imaging Data Structure [BIDS] (a standard for the organization of neuroimaging data).  The lab is strong advocates of open data and open code.  Dr. Poldrack has a strong commitment to training, having trained 15 doctoral students and 28 postdoctoral fellows over his 19 years as an independent investigator. He actively seeks to enhance the diversity of all forms within his laboratory.