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Hope in Recovery: Pairing Compassion with Evidence to Ameliorate New Hampshire’s Opioid Epidemic

Investigators and partners of the Northeast Node were recently featured in an in-depth article on evidence-based treatments for opioid use disorder in New Hampshire. The article examines programs that are combating the opioid crisis in the state, bringing science and novel approaches to increasing access to treatment for those in need, including pregnant moms with opioid use disorder. We are so proud of our partnering organizations and investigators for not only continuing to bring hope and support to those in need, but for doing it with the utmost dedication. We are proud to work alongside these men and women!

The article, published by Dartmouth Medicine, the magazine of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, features Dr. Steve Chapman, Dr. Daisy Goodman, the Moms in Recovery program at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Addiction Treatment Program, Dr. Sarah Lord, the Manchester Safe Station program and Fire Chief Daniel Goonan, Andrea Meier, Dr. Lisa Marsch, and the ED-CONNECT (CTN-0079) study teams at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester (led by Dr. Bill Goodman) and Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont (led by Dr. Randy Knight).